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Kids Books written by Murray Preece and Illustrated by Pat K. Evans

In 2005 Pat asked the wordsmith Murray to write a story about her cat Outback, who longed to own a Corvette.  Murray weaved a tale of magical fun, with a message.  With Pat's whimsical, colourful illustrations, Outback the Cat Books was born.  From there, more enchanting stories ensued from Pat's crazy ideas and Murray's clever prose.

Every story has a valuable lesson and of course, a happy ending!

Available in print and Kindle format at Amazon.com

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This December 2018!

Another tale of adventure as a family of beavers must rebuild their home.

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Outback the Cat Had A Dream

Outback the Cat Had a Dream from Outback the Cat books

I tell you true - Outback is one savvy cat!  

He has a grand dream and makes it come true.

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Brownstone from Outback the Cat Books

Brownstone is a dog you can count on!

He comes to the rescue and finds forever friends and a new home.

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Rex the Raven

Rex the Raven from Outback the Cat Books

Rex discovers his true royal identity!

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Jake the Garter Snake

Jake the Garter Snake from Outback the Cat Books

Jake learned the golden rule and helps everyone he meets.

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The Picnic

The Picnic from Outback the Cat Books

Oh, that daring and brave Outback has another adventure!

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T SHIRTS (and other stuff)

T Shirts from Outback the Cat Books

Get a snazzy T Shirt and be Outback the Cat all day!

Also available: Brownstone and Jake the Garter Snake

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